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Prabalgad trek – near panvel

My friends had visited this place. Nice one day trek especially during the rains.


Overnight Picnic Beaches near Mumbai

“Some of the awesome beaches for overnight picnic in and at just few kilometers distance near Mumbai where you can do you camping, enjoy moonlight on beach with you picnic group are detailed below..”

Overnight Picnic Beach - Mumbai

Recommended Beaches For Overnight Stay For Picnic Group

Arnala beach : Located at Virar, far north location and last station on western railway route, this beach is a famous tourist destination and ideal picnic spot as it has many resorts connected to the beach. In darkness within cloud and the shades of palms and coconut trees on this beach, you will enjoy romance with moonlight. Two other beaches connected to this beach at virar are Rajodi beach andKalamb beach which you can explore and are quite safe.

Dahanu Bordi Beach : Far from the midst of city at about 140 kilometers is this ideal camping beach. The wideness of this beach looks beautiful during nights and glows with sea water during full moon day.

Alibaug : Now, this is one of the very famous picnic destination with many attractions and picnic spots. Being to this place for a overnight picnic is like visiting the heavens of all beaches.

Gorai Beach : Located in north suburb of Mumbai city, Gorai is one of the famous suburb beaches with few hotels and resorts around for you to enjoy overnight picnic.

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