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A superb How to guide on using technology to your advantage

A superb How to guide on using technology to your advantage

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(@labnol) is a personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, a widely-read tech and how-to blog since 2004. He also wrote this book. Email:

Amazing online photoshop

Amazing online photoshop

Superb tool to go craaaaaazzzzzyyyyy on. unleas your creativity!!!

Camera Simulator

Camera Simulator

Good way to Learn how to use a DSLR and know the nuances

Good place to shop for computer hardwares

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Site recommended by my good friend Alpesh Dangodara

Site recommended by Sagar Patil


Cassette World India Pvt. Ltd., Lamington Road, Mumbai

Phone: 022 – 23872034, 022 – 23895353
Landmark: Opposite Lamington Road Police Station
Contact Person: Nadim
#343, Ground Floor,  Rajesh Building  , D.B. Marg
Lamington Road, Mumbai -400007
Site recommended by Tawde
Seems he is the oldest one there and gives genuine products :-).. everybody says that. isnt it??